Tgiff - 快速和轻松的夏天


  1. Anita C. 说:

    I was wondering when you were getting on that plane. See you Sunday. The quilt, I'm sure will be well loved.

  2. Vera. 说:

    I see you found a good spot for picture taking. Looking good

  3. 劳拉 说:

    you are rocking it… happy tgiff to you

  4. Salley 说:


  5. 喜欢点正方形!享受Par-Tay!我和你在一起!!

  6. Mara 说:

    This is a perfect baby quilt.

  7. Laurelle 说:

    OMG you haven't lived until you get a design wall! I love mine. Handy Hubby helped me with mine, he's got to be good for something (other than impregnating me with five Rugrats! ) I have a few charm packs kicking around, thinking of pinching your idea! I have never made me anything on point. Think I will give it a try, Thanks for th inspiration. Looking forfard to hearing bout your trip to the U S !!
    PS有夫妻vinos,对不起,如果醉酒打字:) HIC UP!

  8. msmidge. 说:

    Noice. I have a design floor….. Have fun in the US! Say hi to Julie for me

  9. 被子雕刻 说:

    What a great idea to put the charms on point! I think it is more than vomit and poop worthy haha Have a wonderful time in the US, wish I was closer so I could come visit!

  10. 有时候Quickie就是所需要的!爱被子!

  11. Auntie Pami 说:


  12. 我读了这么少的博客,在阅读时,我真的大声笑!使用那些坐在架子上的魅力包和呼叫我们 - 无论是在商店还是藏匿处!星期五快乐!

  13. LOL! Great way to use a charm pack — love it on point! And there's nothing wrong with quick and easy.

  14. 简单的图案对于婴儿绗缝而言很棒。ON点布局为设计添加了一些额外的东西!大胆的背衬很棒。当我开始缝纫时,我经历了过度的预先购买阶段。这个被子激励我使用其中一些!

  15. Knitnkwilt. 说:

    I am amazed at how much more interesting charm squares are on point than horizontal. This set worked better together than some sets do–but of course, it was all in your placement of them, right?

  16. 克里斯 说:


  17. Katy Cameron. 说:

    咄,为什么我从来没有有效地坚持se things on point?! Looks great

  18. charlotte 说:


  19. leanne. 说:


  20. Thank you for linking up to TGIFF – fabulous finish!

  21. 你再次完成了!简单,可爱,如此完美的幸运宝贝!与朱莉玩得开心......希望我能在加利福尼亚加入你!

  22. 我有一个设计 - 备用床垫 - 靠背 - A-Wall ...优雅,我知道......

  23. 多么伟大的男孩被子!我必须尝试点净时间我正在做这样的事情 - 一个很好的改变:)

  24. Nicole Hannah 说:

    Temporary design wall: one 1×4 @ desired length. Take a sheet of batting and wrap one end of it around the board, leaving ~2" of each end of board free. Staple batting to board. Attach two screw eye hooks in exposed board (on the 1" side, not the 4" side). Insert two plant hangers/hooks in your ceiling but close to the wall the same width apart as the eye hooks on the board. Hang the design wall from ceiling when in use, take down and roll batting around the board when you need to put it away. It will store easily under a bed or even vertically behind a door.

    A master German quilter in her eighties told me this trick when I complained about living in an apartment with not enough space. Good luck!

  25. 这看起来像是我的完美婴儿被子!可爱的面料添加到藏匿处!

  26. A great quilt, and it's so nice to finally do something with those charm packs!