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  1. Vera says:

    OTT is a norm for you so this one is perfectly fine. I have folders like that too but don't mark them with colors. I should look at that function At first I thought you sharing your playlist, lol. BTW when I saw those Alex memes, yours came to mind as well.

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  3. 记忆 says:

    Thanks for the link to Sam's post, I love well considered, reasoned thought processes, no band wagon, I mean I don't like cats on quilts photo's but I can deal with it!

  4. Am L says:


  5. The O's says:

    我将回到奥特se的文章的一部分c, but, did you know… The "&" used to be the 27th letter of the alphabet. It got its name from children slurring the ending of the alphabet song together so "and per se and" became "ampersand". Thanks Tuesday night at the Belrose Trivia page!

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  9. 黛比 says:

    I must of missed this bit of drama. LOL I love the qayg video. I just took a fmq class from Don Linn and loved every second of it. There is so much you can do beyond the straight line It's so much fun to get "out of the box".

  10. 利安 says:

    I'm glad Alex and Aurifil were constructively and quickly responsive, as no one is perfect, it is how they respond to a concern that shows you what they are actually made of. I am hoping people will just speak up quickly next time or maybe not participate in the first place. Now I'm wondering if you are going to hear about those DB photos??? I love how organized you are, we call it OCD, and many smart folks share these tendencies, but colour coding too, I am impressed!

  11. 杰斯 says:

    Oh, when I clicked through I was hoping you were going to give your opinion on the Aurifil issue – I think it would be interesting to get a male perspective on it. I assume by linking to Sam's post, you agree with her position? I dont do much social media so I hadnt seen/heard any of this until this week. I think they definitely need a new marketing strategy (promoting it on blogs seemed to be working well…) but I do think they make fab thread!

  12. Laura says:

    thanks hon! I have to say, I'm awed at your organised filing system!!!