Spa Treatment

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  1. Lisa 说:

    It’s hard to be without the machines, but I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with while they are at the spa.

  2. 海莉 说:


  3. 我有一个“便宜的”伯纳特,我携手并在紧急情况下留在!(我已经在那个小东西上绗缝了一个女王尺寸的被子!)

  4. Mary ann 说:

    I have a little Bernette too as the backups backup. It’s is a little workhorse. Last year I had blackout fabric and purple pompoms to my granddaughter’s drapes. I hate being without a machine. Enjoy your spa time!

  5. diana 说:

    Time to buy a little “travel machine” so you don’t have to go cold turkey???

  6. 海伦 说:

    Funny I did that too – went for a hot stone massage whilst my machine was into spa . I think I benefited more than my ancient wrinkly machine did

  7. My machine that I use on a frame is out for some cleaning love, and I’m lost without it. Guess I’ll be piecing for a few more weeks.